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One of the most important things in this world is family, but sometimes, family situations don't always turn out like we thought they would.  When dealing with a family situation, the most important thing is to have someone you can trust.  As a Texas Family Law Attorney, I realize how hard these times can be.  I treat every case with the attention and compassion that it deserves realizing that as my client, you are going through one of the most difficult times in your life.  Our firm can represent you in many areas including divorce, spousal support, child support, child support modifications, child support enforcement, visitation enforcement, adoptions, and terminations of parental rights.  Put your faith in an attorney who cares, call today to have your case evaluated by a caring and compassionate Houston Texas Family Law Attorney who understands the difficult time you are going through.


The key to our high record of success is knowledge of the facts of our client's case and preparation.  At Johnna Teal & Associates, we prepare each divorce case for hearings and trial, as we have found that knowledge and preparation is the key to not only success in the courtroom but success in negotiation a settlement without the necessity of trial.


While we are always prepared to fight aggressively in hearings and trial, we also explore all alternative and less costly dispute resolution options, such as informal negotiations and mediation.  If you have a Texas divorce case, you need a divorce attorney with the experience to fight for you.  At the Law Office of Johnna Teal, we fight for your rights and for what you deserve.  


Family Law Practice Areas


Complex Community Property Issues

Divorce Mediation

Limited Scope Representation

Property Division

Spousal Maintenance / Alimony

Child Custody

Child Support


Relocation and Move-Aways

Interstate Child Custody and Support

Grandparents' Rights

Domestic Violence

Protective Orders and Domestic Violence

Premarital and Other Agreements

Legal Separation



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